Monday, September 30, 2013

Beef Tips and Gravy - Slow Cooker Recipe

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With the weather turning cooler, I am very excited to 
share this easy slow cooker and freezer friendly meal with you!
Beef Tips and Gravy is tasty and comforting, and I just bet you'll love it.
 Enjoy, y'all :-)

 You Will Need: 

1 to 1.5 lb. package of lean stew meat
1 can cream of mushroom soup (I use Campbell's Healthy Request)
1 tbps. minced garlic
1/2 c. frozen seasoning blend (a mixture of diced onions, celery, and bell pepper,
 found in the freezer section with other frozen veggies - I like Pict Sweet brand)
1/2 tsp. thyme (I always add more as I go.)
salt and pepper (to taste)

1/4 c. sour cream (light or fat free is fine - I have also subbed Greek yogurt, 
but since it has such a strong flavor, start with just a small spoonful!)

In a medium slow cooker, combine all ingredients except for sour cream. 
Cook over low heat for about 8 hours, 
or on high for 4-6 (depends on how your machine cooks). 
Once meat is done (chunks will no longer be pink and 
will break apart easily with a fork with no 
gummy appearance on the inside), stir in sour cream. 
Like stroganoff? Add more sour cream. 
(Avoid adding any dairy products to a slow cooker at the beginning 
of cooking time, because they will curdle.)

Serve over rice or, if you make it into stroganoff, wide egg noodles.
We really like green beans as a veggie side for this meal at our house.  

*If you choose to make this as a freezer meal, dump all ingredients except for sour cream
and rice/noodles into a bag -- I find if I use a 1 lb. package of meat, it all fits perfectly
in a quart sized freezer bag with very little air space to squeeze out!*

Feel fancy? Add a small can of mushroom pieces and stems, 
drained,  or my mom's favorite: pearl onions.
 If you hunt, this can be made with a venison roast! 
Cut it in chunks and soak it several hours to remove the gamey taste,  
and then cook as described. 

 It goes without saying that this is also delicious on top of a baked potato,
 and we have also enjoyed it over biscuits or toast, too. 

Please let me know if you try this recipe by leaving a comment! 
It makes me feel all warm and gooey to think that
the same things that bless my little family on a chilly day
might do just the same for yours :-) 

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  1. I make this all the time except I do not use stew meat. I find it is more expensive than just a small or med. roast. I buy a roast (chuck roast) and do the same as you describe except we like MORE onion. I add a sliced onion on the bottom of the pot. Then the roast and other things. This is very good the next day too as left overs in a lunch.

    1. Roxie, that sounds delicious! I agree with you about the cost of roast vs the cost of stew meat -- it's often cheaper to cut it up yourself. My grocery store ran a special on stew meat this week that made it cheaper per pound than roast, and I stocked up!

  2. This looks super yummy! Thank you for sharing! Leah @